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Original Badass Models – Rifle Number 13

Here at Live It Badass, we know women are more than babes in bikinis. We know that they are fierce warriors, protectors, and creators with careers and hobbies. Unlike other sites, we don’t want to just showcase the physical and the obvious. We want you to see that our Original Badass Models are extraordinary in every sense of the word.

Without further ado, we give you Rifle Number 13.

Rifle 13 | Live it Bad Ass


  I wasn’t sure what to expect heading into this interview. When you view Riflenumber13’s page on Instagram, you clearly see a woman who is strong and independent. You see a woman who excels in what is perceived as a man’s world, and when you first communicate with her, you get the perception of an alpha wolf, the clear leader of her pack. Once you talk to her, you find that Rifle Number 13 (which is the only name she will give) IS very dominant and strong, but also loving, fun, and so much more.

Riflenumber13 | Live it Bad Ass

Greg- Clearly you like guns. When did your passion for firearms start?

Riflenumber13- It started at a very young age, but having attended an all-girls school, opportunities to shoot were few and far between. I solved that by becoming the first girl to try out for an all-boys varsity riflery team. Needless to say, I made the cut.

Greg -How did you get into competitive shooting?

Riflenumber13- I simply joined a local gun club, and told them I wanted to be on their high power rifle team. They hooked me up with a coach and I never looked back. My very first match I shot sharpshooter class. That is not easy to do. The following match I shot expert class, and Gunfighter Gun Oil took notice. They offered me a sponsorship and I proudly use Premium Gunfighter Gun Oil exclusively on my competition rifle.

Greg – With all your accolades and accomplishments as an expert shooter, what advice would you give young women looking up to you as a role model?

Riflenumber13 – Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in what you do. It’s the path to success. Challenge yourself and never give up! Above all else, always follow the rules for safe gun handling. 

Greg – Judging by your page I assume you are pretty conservative in your beliefs. How do you feel about certain issues like gun control?

Riflenumber13 – Clearly I love guns but I won’t go too far down that road. I believe you should do what you want. If you like guns, have them. If you don’t, don’t have them. No right or wrong answer. Do as you like as long as you aren’t hurting other people.

Greg- Besides being a badass with a gun, I read that you have some wicked kicks also.

Riflenumber13 – You bet I do, I have a Black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do.

Riflenumber13 | Live it Bad Ass

At this point we shared some laughs regarding workouts and the fate of the poor bastard who ever tries breaking into her home. She would either take them out with her home built AR, or rearrange their face with a few kicks to the head.

Riflenumber13 | Live it Bad Ass

Greg- Ok Rifle Lets have some fun. This is the lightening round; Just give the first answer that comes to mind.

Riflenumber13- OK.. Let’s do it

Greg – Favorite guilty pleasure?

Riflenumber13 – Chocolate

Greg – Favorite Color?

Riflenumber13 – Blue

Greg – Favorite kind of music?

Riflenumber13 – Alternative Rock

Greg – Favorite band?

Riflenumber13 – Can’t pick just one

Greg- Celebrity Crush?

Riflenumber13- Hands down Chris Pine.

Greg- Favorite Planet?

Riflenumber13 – Saturn

Greg- I would have said Uranus

Riflenumber13 – Boys!!

Greg – Who would play you In a movie?

Riflenumber13 – Easy, Reese Witherspoon

Greg- What is the craziest thing you have ever done

Riflenumber13- I was in Hawaii on Vacation and I engaged in the sort of activity that should never be done on a glass table. Long Story Short… It Broke…

Greg – So, you were getting it on and it broke?

Riflenumber13 – No comment

Greg – Lucky guy and your poor ass. I hope it didn’t get cut.

Riflenumber13 – It did but I survived. I’m a badass, remember?

Riflenumber13 | Live it Bad Ass

Live it Bad Ass



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