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TIGER: An Interview With 12 Year Old No Holds Barred Bare Knuckle Fighting Champion Simraki Tiger Nakamoto

The world of underground children’s fighting is ruthless, claiming dozens of lives annually. From the brutal fights to alleged mob and gang ties, only the toughest child fighters survive. We had a chance to meet Simraki Tiger Nakamoto, and to witness his most recent fight.

It was a rare opportunity. Simraki is a very private person, and prefers never to be filmed outside of competition. After a year filled with turmoil in his personal life, and unfathomable success within underground children’s fighting, he decided to open up and tell his side of the story.

Our first meeting came in a hotel lobby, a location described by Simraki’s management as “secure”. Simraki entered the lobby wearing a fur coat, designer shades, and was tailed by two large bodyguards. We exchanged pleasantries only after I was thoroughly patted down for contraband, and we moved straight into the interview.

Many Americans protest children’s fighting. They say it is too brutal.

Simraki: I own Rolls Royce and the finest clothing. I own my home. I am highest paid athlete in my division. How can anyone protest the way I make my living?

They say many children are forced into fighting. That there are mismatches for spectacle.

Simraki: I am not in control of matchmaking. My business is fighting.

There is a coldness to Simraki that transcends his age. I do not feel as though I am sitting before a 12 year old boy, but a hardened man. I search his face for expression, finding very little.

You are known for your trash talk.

Simraki: Yes. I am told to do this. In the spirit of selling the fight. To disbarriage opponent is lucrative.

You told your last opponent that the reason his mother abandoned him at an orphanage is because he could not beat a great fighter like you. That’s not taking it too far?

Simraki chuckles, betraying his stone cold expression for the first time since we sat down.

Simraki: With his earnings from our fight, he can adopt himself.

Do you have anything to say to your next opponent, undefeated Rassim Parrish?

Simraki: Children’s fighting in U.S. is very soft. I will send him to shadow realms.

Can you tell us about your tattoos?

Simraki removes his coat, and unbuttons his shirt.

Yes. On my chest is samurai, holding severed head, and standing in graveyard of skulls. One for each of my victims in the arena. Then I have saying on forearm.

Kill all who dare oppose you. Blaze path of destruction to glory.

It came to me in vision, during Ayahuasca ceremony.

You’ve taken Ayahuasca?

Simraki: Yes, when I was 11. I was allowed to partake in the ceremony two years early.

How come?

My master’s shaman suggested I seek spiritual protection, because I fought professionally from ten years old.


As Tiger Nakamoto buttons his shirt up, I am struck by how bizarre this all seems. When I was 12, I was playing video games and attending school. It’s obvious that Simraki has lead an interesting life, and has plenty more to tell. I decide to start at the beginning of his journey into combat.

Tell us how you started fighting.

Simraki: I was taken to stable of fighting children. There were many brawls, and I was chosen.

How old were you?

Simraki: Five years old.

Are you happy with this life?

Simraki: It is brutal, but I am pleased. I avoid the harsh life of a peasant by being the very best.

We are short on time, as Simraki does not like to stay in one place for more than fifteen or twenty minutes at a time. As much as I want to continue with the story of his childhood, I also know that the controversies surrounding him outside the cage must be addressed.

You’ve spent a lot of time in court over the past 18 months. Not a normal thing for a kid your age.

Simraki: This has been dealt with. It is the past.

The money laundering charges?

Simraki: Dropped.

The tax evasion?

Simraki: Those misunderstandings also cleared up.

There has a been a lot of speculation that you have ties to the Yakuza. Would you like to address those rumors?

Simraki: There is much speculation. I am fighter, nothing more.

And how about the rumors surrounding you and adult film star Aurora Lin? You two have been photographed together on numerous occasions.

Simraki: We are acquainted. I will not further address tabloid rumors.

What about fight pay rumors? Some reports say you will make two million for this fight alone.

Simraki: And more in endorsements. I’m changing the game.

The interview ends there. We shake hands, I thank him for his time, and begin to ponder over what I have learned so far. It’s hard for me to imagine living the life of Simraki, giving an interview in a hotel lobby one night before engaging in a bare knuckle brawl with another 12 year old in front of thousands of people, millions more on the internet.

The following night, I was lucky enough to find a scalper, and made my way into the smoky arena in time for the main event. Simraki had home field advantage but appeared the smaller of the two fighters, with Parrish flying all the way into Tokyo from New Jersey.

The crowd was locked into the action, murmuring with expectation as the fighters circled cautiously. After a couple of fruitless exchanges, the fighters entered into a wild brawl. Simraki was unfazed by the power of his opponent, and began to push him around.

The end came early when Tiger slammed his shin into the side of Parrish’s head like a baseball bat, sending his opponents’ lifeless body crashing into the mat. Simraki added a powerful soccer kick to the face as punctuation before the referee could pull him off.

It was a frightening scene. Parrish didn’t move, and paramedics rushed in while Tiger Nakamoto victoriously screamed the word “murder” into the crowd over and over. They ate it up, and chanted along with him while the medics did their best to revive Parrish, who had entered convulsions.

Murder! Murder! Murder!

It was one of the greatest spectacles of sport I’ve been fortunate enough to witness. Parrish appeared to be wiggling his toes as he was carted out of the arena on a stretcher.

Simraki’s manager called me back to the locker room, to ask final questions for the interview.

Simraki: The fight went well. Business as usual.

A brutal finish.

Simraki: Thank you. Violence is lucrative.

Another man entered the room. It was Simraki’s tattoo artist, and he began to set up for work.

You’re getting a tattoo now?

Simraki: It is tradition. New skull for every victim.

I thank Simraki for his time, realizing that I have probably overstayed my welcome. He tells me to stick around.

Simraki: I’m having huge after party at the casino. You coming out?

Ugh, yeah. Definitely. Thanks.

Simraki: Cool. Let’s get crazy. I’ll show you the real Tokyo.

It was at this point I was instructed to sign a non disclosure agreement. I cannot discuss anything that took place past this point. Suffice it to say that Tiger Nakamoto is amazing, and there is very little evidence to support any wrongdoing whatsoever on his part, at any point in his life. He is undefeated, and well on his way to becoming the greatest to ever do the damn thing. An undisputed champion before the age of 13.

Time will tell where the story of Simraki Tiger Nakamoto goes, but I’m on board. Without disclosing any details, I would like to add that the after party, and the after after party were each magnificent.

Go Tiger!

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