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2018 NFL Predictions | Live it Badass

2018 NFL Season Predictions



Vikings 13-3

Packers 9-7

Bears 8-8

Lions 6-10

The Vikings will win this division rather easily, as none of the other teams are complete enough to unseat them. The Packers look good on paper to many, but I consider them old and lacking a great defense. The Bears will be a surprise team, but will go through a bumpy road to an even record. The Lions are going to struggle adjusting to the “Patriot Way”, as there will be plenty of guys who don’t buy in.


Falcons 13-3

Saints 12-4

Panthers 8-8

Buccaneers 3-13

The Falcons are looking very good this year…on paper. They have magnificent talent, but Matt Ryan is still the quarterback so they will falter out of the playoffs. The Saints will be hot on Atlanta’s tail all season long battling for the South title. The Panthers are who we think they are; a solid team who’s only as good as their QB can take them, and Cam has only had one good season in his entire career. The Buccaneers have a weak roster with a has been at quarterback and a terrible coach.


Eagles 11-5

Cowboys 8-8

Giants 7-9

Redskins 5-11

The Eagles won’t have an easy time defending their title as they have a tough schedule, but still carry the best roster. This team has the potential to be the first repeat Champion in a long time. The Cowboys are back and trying to sell the world on Dak as a star. He is a game manager whose hopes lie within Zeke and the defense. The Giants will make strides this year, but still aren’t there yet. Even if the team stayed healthy last season they would’ve only won a few more games. The Redskins couldn’t win with a younger version of Alex Smith so hopes aren’t high they will be much better. The division is solid, but the ‘skins have major weaknesses.


Rams 10-6

Cardinals 10-6

49ers 6-10

Seahawks 4-12

The Rams are going to repeat as champs of the West, but aren’t as far ahead as most seem to think. The Cardinals will take a step forward as Bradford will stay healthy most of the season to compete against the team that drafted him. The 49ers could be much better, but Jimmy needs more experience before we act like they’re a playoff team. The Seahawks are going to implode this season, but will still put up good passing stats. Carroll will be fired soon and there will probably be major sanctions for the ‘hawks as is the Carroll way.




Steelers 11-5

Ravens 8-8

Bengals 5-11

Browns 5-11

The Steelers, in my eyes, have no real competition in this race. The north is terrible and the Steelers are a contender as long as their defense improves. The Ravens are the second best team in the division, and might even sneak into the playoffs at .500. The Bengals are doomed because of their coach and QB while the Browns are in essentially the same situation.


Jaguars 12-4

Texans 9-7

Titans 7-9

Colts 5-11

Although the experts will tell you different, the Jaguars will take this division down with ease. Even Bortles can win games with this defense and running game. The Texans will get more wins with a healthy quarterback, but won’t be able to compete with the Jaguars. The Titans will miss the playoffs as Mariota is just not a professional at the QB position. With Andrew Luck’s return, the Colts won’t improve.


Patriots 12-4

Dolphins 5-11

Jets 4-12

Bills 3-13

The weakest division in football got weaker with the loss of Tyrod Taylor, meaning another Patriots division title. The Dolphins still believe Tannehill is the guy, but he can’t even get through a season. When he does, they still lose. The Jets will have some growing to do when Darnold takes over and that translates to losses. The Bill’s choices at quarterback are; mediocre, bad, or worse. So don’t expect much, especially from Mccoy.


Chargers 12-4

Raiders 8-8

Chiefs 8-8

Broncos 7-9

The division is mostly even across the board, but only one has the talent to stand out. The Chargers sport the best roster and should turn things around this year with veterans and young talent. The Raiders will have a new look and need time to adjust to the new Gruden system. The Chiefs have a playoff roster with a child at QB and this will translate to an even record. The Broncos brought in a mildly better QB than last year, but not much improvement is expected.


NFC Wild Card Games:

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Cardinals will squeak into the playoffs with success from Bradford before he gets injured, but luck can only carry you so far. The Eagles will win this one without much trouble. Mark my words.

New Orleans Saints @ Los Angeles Rams

The Rams on paper are clearly the best team in the league…but that’s paper. This team has a lot to prove especially at quarterback. Many questions arise when you look at this team and I’m not a believer in Goff. Drew Brees is going to lead the Saints over the Rams in a close game.

AFC Wild Card Games:

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

The Ravens are going to be worse than last year, but will get their luck returned by making it this year. Flacco is the death of this team and is clearly the worst quarterback to win a Superbowl thanks to Ray Lewis. Brady and the Patriots will dismantle every disadvantage the Ravens have and move on again.

Houston Texans @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Watson stays healthy and makes his way to his first playoff experience. At the end of the day, the Steelers’ experience propels them to a victory over the Texans. No changing of the guard this season Watson.

NFC Divisional Round Games:

New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings

A rematch of last year’s divisional round miracle, but the results will differ. The Vikings may have a slight advantage in personnel but they don’t have Drew Brees. Kirk Cousins is not a true winner and Brees will lead his Saints back to the NFC Championship game.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons

The Eagles will have the best defense in the league and the Falcons may have the superior offense. They will collide, but the aftermath will show a victorious Wentz standing over a bloody piece of shit also known as Matt Ryan. When the teams are evenly matched always take the better quarterback.

AFC Divisional Round Games:

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Another divisional round rematch with the results overturned. If you really think this Jaguars team is going to be better, you’re an idiot! Mark my words, Ben, Brown, and Bell will make Bortles look like the sham he is. A team’s magic from the previous season doesn’t carry over after a loss. Why do you think the Warriors added Kevin Durant?

New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Chargers

With home field advantage, the Chargers will do something even I have a tough time predicting. The Patriots will fall on this day and Philip Rivers will make it to the AFC championship game.

NFC Championship Game

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Saints will make the climb and challenge the defending champions on their own field. This Eagles team will continue to show their dominance until the very end of the game when Drew Brees scores the final touchdown and puts his team in the Super Bowl. Mark my words.

AFC Championship Game

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Los Angeles Chargers

The Steelers will be antsy to get back to the Superbowl without Brady standing in their way. Sadly, being on the road makes it difficult, resulting in a Chargers victory. Rivers will get his long awaited shot at the Superbowl. Mark my words.


New Orleans Saints Vs Los Angeles Chargers

This game will be fun to watch, as both offenses should be able to move the ball. Rivers will come prepared for battle, but the guy he replaced will end his hopes of a Superbowl. Brees is the superior quarterback, a fact that will be exposed to the world. The Saints will be the Champs! Mark my words

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