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Bad Ass Babes – America Edition

There is nothing worth appreciating more than a good woman. The modern PC police might have you believe that it is sexist to admire a woman’s aesthetic qualities, while we here at Live it Bad Ass wholeheartedly disagree. We stand in awe of a woman’s relationship to her body, and to costume. Womanhood is something worth celebrating, and femininity is not a crime.

The housewife of the 50’s is a thing of the past. In her place stands an army of women perfectly capable of making you a sandwich after sex, as well as killing the animal she made it out of. This is modern America, and the modern American woman is a far cry from the damsel in distress she was once portrayed as.

Speaking of America, we’re feeling awfully patriotic. In this edition of Bad Ass Babes, we’re bringing you beautiful women in the colors that don’t run.



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