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Halloween is the day we normally associate with dressing up, but some ladies aren’t satisfied with one day a year of costume. The comic book and video game universes are teeming with well dressed heroes, and no one is better at pulling off the superhero look than women.

These are the girls of the cosplay world, and we tip our hats to them.

Not only do they literally bring our favorite characters to life, they look damn good doing it!

Here at Live it Bad Ass, we don’t much care if it’s halloween or not. It’s time to play dress up 365 days a year as far as we’re concerned. And these women obviously agree!

Women are real life superheroes, but don’t take my word for it!

Without further ado, this is the Bad Ass Babes Superhero Edition.

Bang Bang Lady Death | Live it Bad Ass

Rynoki Superhero Cosplay | Live it Bad Ass

Andy Rae Harley Quinn | Live it Bad Ass

Anna Faith Wonder Woman | Live it Bad Ass

Chrysta Fett Gambit | Live it Bad AssCinecosu Mega Man | Live it Bad Ass

Cutie Pie Sensei Harley Quinn | Live it Bad Ass

Holly T Wolf Mystique | Live it Bad Ass

Joanie Brosas | The Live it Bad Ass

Nekomimicosplay | Live it Bad Ass

Spit Fire Wolverine | Live it Bad Ass

Rynoki The Black Cat | Live it Bad Ass

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@Andyraecosplay(1,14) @annafaithxoxo(2,15) @chrystafettcosplay(3,16) @cinecosu(4,17) @cutiepiesensei(5,18) @hollytwolf(6,19) @jennalynnmeowri(7,20) @joaniebrosas(8,21) @Lizkatzofficial(9,22) @nekomimicosplay(10,23) @spitfirecosplay(11,24) @bangbangneko(12,25) @Rynoki(13,26)

Photo Credits; 3 and 16 @pandariot779, 4 @square_noodles, 17 @ epictoastphotos, 5 @idruthat, 7 @maze_studio, 8 @vangher, 10@brandongilberto, 11 and 12 @thesleepymuse, 13 @ josrivx, 14 @gregrongeeks, 23@carlosgphotos, 24 @jasondelaney13, 24 @jasondelaney13, 26 @weneals_photography


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