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Bad Ass Dogs – Tactical Taz Edition

Dogs are man’s best friend, but be careful using the word ‘domesticated’ around certain pups. Take Tactical Taz for example. Sure, he’s potty trained, great with kids, and well behaved, but he still carries within him the heart of a wild and adventure seeking wolf. Put simply, Tactical Taz is a badass.

Dynamites come in small packages, and it’s plain to see that this little fella eats his puppy chow. A staunch American patriot, Taz has sworn an oath to protect the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. He backs the blue, and is available to help local police with stealth missions no man could dream of completing alone.

Whether he’s manning a high powered sniper rifle, patrolling for enemy combatants, or just out looking for bitches, nobody does it quite like Tactical Taz.

Without further ado, this is the Bad Ass Dogs Tactical Taz Edition!















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Tactical Taz Sniper | Live it Bad Ass




Tactical Taz Beer | Live it Bad Ass

For more Tactical Taz, visit his Instagram @tactical.taz

And check out PatchSquadUSA for Tactical Taz patches!

If your pup looks up to Tactical Taz and also wants to dress like a warrior, go to KiloNinerPets and use Code: TAZ10 for 10% off!

Patch Squad USA Taz | Live it Bad Ass

Live it Bad Ass


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