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We are all one. -Anonymous hippie

After careful analysis, an obvious conclusion arises. It’s all in the toilet, the only question is when will the flush occur? There are increasingly accurate feedback loops alerting us to specific dates, but no one knows the when. Only that there will be a purge.

We’re post cognitive revolution. It’s kind of like being an unreliable psychic. Your shtick lies in the ability for hypercognition, having access to information and being observant enough to recognize complex patterns emerging within the mundane. In other words, we can guesstimate the next major civilizational crash, and theorize what’s on the precipice.

A Black Swan – A swan that is black. Or an unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically one with extreme consequences. Even when humans give dire warning in their fields of expertise, the warnings are often left without heed. Any resource crisis at this point in the game could equal doomsday. What are one million resource deprived crisis refugees on the global economy? Extrapolate it because there could be way more than that. So many more.

Survival can be difficult. It is for many, and was for all before the arrival of religion and philosophy and science and technology and sport and war and all the dark magic encompassing the human spirit. Now it’s fairly easy in a place like America to grab a couple roommates, work 30-40 hours a week, have a side hustle or two, and pursue your art interests with little outside hassle. Easy to feel the effects of inherited spoiledness.

For the still alive, now is a great time for being. Even things we complain about, the cell phone or the video game…What would our ancestors have given for these experiences? If you played with sticks and balls everyday of your life, what would skipping straight to a VR machine feel like? Probably the same as VR feels for us, which is plenty awesome enough for justifying its existence.

Point is we’re moving forward, things look better now than at any point in human history. The advances are stunning to the point you can’t keep track of how much awesome that individual humans are doing. Most of structural flaws relate directly to sustainability, and if we meet in the middle between climate agreements, carbon tax, and innovation, I find it likely we’ll make it through our issues in the short term. The climate could get better.

But what goes up must come down. We’re gonna lose it. All good things must come to an end. It might be a vice or it might be random chance. Supervolcanoes, nuclear war, asteroids, alien invasion.

Pet Theoretical Black Swans Alerting the Next Major Fall of Civilization

Resource Crisis – These are cropping up, not that we’re paying attention. It’s the beauty of black swans, they’re perfectly invisible to a society unwilling to ponder and predict them. A ‘black swan’ is a major problem lurking outside the collective consciousness. Managing them requires significant forethought. If the brightest and most credentialed of our tribe reach a consensus that a particular swan is brightly illuminated, and the tribe turns a blind eye to the warnings, then it is what it is. For better or worse, we’re in this together.

It’s difficult if not impossible to predict what exactly happens when these things hit. How good is the leadership (government) where it goes down? Whoops, not good. Even America’s government struggles with this type of coordination at scale. I’d say the United States military is the most equipped of any group or organization to handle large scale crisis, and our special forces are the best at ending them if it gets to that point. Yet, that’s wandering into last ditch territory.

Let’s keep it simple. If any major life sustaining good goes down, anywhere in the world, and the economy is affected by it, which it will be seeing as it’s a global economy, chaos ensues. It’s much easier to destroy than it is to build, and the recipe for destruction is often external rather than internal. The crop that sustains a country of 8 million fails, and the people starve. Collective deprivation sets in quick, there’s looting, an increase in petty violent crime, and the government militarizes against its own people to regain control. Trust between the people and authority deteriorates, and the needs of citizens are not met. Ugh oh, let the strongest savage survive.

Civilization is good for the every man, and seeing it spiral out of control is the realization of the metaphor of hell. The quickest way for this to happen in random pockets around the world is for large groups of humans to be cut off from the opportunity to survive. Dire times lead to dire actions which lead to dire consequences. If you have a care left for humanity as a whole, you have no interest in seeing it all burn. That’s why any serious resource crisis is terrifying, because we don’t wish it on our fellow man, and we certainly don’t wish for the collateral damage.

I think “climate refugees” resulting from resource crises have black swan potential.

Artificial Intelligence – It’s already won. Black screens emitting artificial light are hypnotism machines, watch a child’s blameless nature and quest for curiosity wield to “playing games” like an alcoholic wilts to the temptation of a bottle.

It isn’t about computers physically seizing control by means of force, it’s about computers hijacking our biological systems to the point of controlling our functions down to the point of  carrying out their agendas, and they already are. Contemporary entrepreneurs use social media platforms to build their business. Human attention is more valuable than booze or whiskey, and nothing holds ours better than the black cube of Saturn.

“There is no medicine, on the television, so turn it off and turn yourself around.” -Nahko Bear

“Go where the television isn’t.” -Anonymous

It’s undeniable that a large portion of the American populace is at least somewhat under the control of computer systems built by humans. Every platform, website, and channel. With every like follow and share, our will is bending to the ever increasing intelligence of the artificial machines we create.

If the divinity of our consciousness is anything, it’s the potential of human will making it so. While it’s perfectly reasonable to give your will over to video content, fully entrenching yourself into a trance state closely resembling being hypnotized, it isn’t a proper strategy for the long term advancement of the individual outside of its applications in regards to self education. Even so, social creatures should stay on high alert of seclusion and isolation.

Aliens – They’re coming people, it’s obvious. We discover more planets every day, and eventually an advanced species will discover us and anally probe us into oblivion. Humans will end up with sore anuses before going extinct, and neither Will Smith nor an alcoholic Randy Quaid will save the day.

It may even be an advanced form of artificial intelligence emerging from a far off galaxy doing the plundering. Like pirates from outer space, they’ll come seeking booty.

While aliens are obviously the most terrifying and realistic of these possibilities, it could be these or many more than lead to our eventual demise. Remember, optimism is a state of mind that often collides with cold hard reality. The end is near, repent and hide your buttholes.

I don’t know how we’ll lose it or when, but what comes up must come down. In the meantime, let’s cherish what is effective, and hold it up as high as we can as for as long as we can. And on our own terms. Long live freedom, and long live America.



Enjoy the Decline

Live it Badass




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