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Live it Bad AssHow to Meet Your Spirit Animals

by Epochra Cartolle

Many wish to access their higher self and meet their spirit animals, but are cut off from source because of delusion. Still, everyone has a higher self, and everyone can learn about their spirit animals. Let me explain.

First off, what exactly is a spirit animal? A spirit animal or animals are a collection of spirits that help see you through your journey of life as a third dimensional being.

If your third eye is properly sun charged and you are visually perceiving the higher dimensions, you can even see and talk to them telepathically.

You can literally meet your spirit animals. My personal totem consists of a teddy bear, a finger monkey, a telepathic koala who controls the weather, a reptile who can shape shift, a humanoid being from the Pleiadian star system who is training me from the future for a mission on the current timeline, a Sasquatch, a donkey, a snake who assumes the form of a woman and refers to itself as “Lilith”, and a Weeping Willow Tree.

I don’t mention this to brag about how many awesome spirit animals I have, especially when most people can’t even name one of theirs. I mention it to show how many types of beings might have some vested interest in you completing the mission work you arrived here for.

Next time you are deep in the jhanas, put your right hand over your heart, and begin rubbing your third eye with your left index and left middle finger in a slow, circular motion. Then begin rhythmically chanting “RA” in a low, gruff tone. Ra! 2,3,4, Ra!, 2,3,4. Get it?

Pro tip: This works especially well if you are sitting beneath the sun at its peak hours of ten to three, promoting maximal direct stimulation of the pineal gland.

Be prepared to leave your body, and meet one by one the spirit animals that make up your totem. You will speak telepathically to each of them for hours on end, consecutively. Despite the perception of hours passing by, you will return to your body only minutes after leaving.

There it is, a time tested and mother approved way to meet your spirit animals from a psychic aestral traveler, indigo child, and being of light.

Namas Day,



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