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Its the marijuana | Live It Bad AssIt’s the Marijuana!

I’d feel remiss not to pen an essay about the plant that spurred April the twentieth, also known as Millennial holiday ‘Four Twenty’. A celebration of a federally illegal narcotic, a smelly plant that has contributed greatly to the denigration of society. The topic at hand is marijuana, or as it is more commonly referred, “pot”.

This common street narcotic has been traded freely throughout our country’s history. For some reason, stoners, as users of the drug prefer to be called, are given a free pass in the court of public opinion. Despite their delinquency.

“Weed is not even a drug.” I’ve heard this misguided statement thrown about without opposition enough times to know that plenty of mainstream citizens regard the drug with impunity. Despite the dried buds of this flower being so potent that most major governments regulate, or outright ban its use.

The lack of publicly available information addressing the dangers and effects of marijuana is frightening. As are public polling numbers in relation to both medical, and recreational use of pot. It is with this in mind, that I will explain how we’ve gone so far off the deep end as to accept illicit drug use.

To the many already ravaged by the history of drug wars, stand strong. Concerned citizens will not simply give into peer pressure. We will fight tooth and nail, to the bitter end, in order to continue our long standing tradition of the federal prohibition of marijuana.

The pot problem in this country is multi thronged, thriving and mutating like any virus. After many years studying the cultural phenomenon, I’ve noticed a few points that best summarize my views about the drugs slowly tightening vice grip around the throat of the American people.

First and foremost, is the plant itself. Not for human consumption would be putting it mildly. In our modern, pro pot crazed America, this is often forgotten. Smoking the constituents of the pot plant has psychoactive effects. I don’t know about you, but I think the best types of citizens are not active psychos. The effects read like a grocery list for a recipe of disaster. It may seem tiresome, but it is the central point of the epidemic and cannot be overstated. Pot is bad.

The second tenet to understanding this culture in decline is what I have termed “super weed”. As I will discuss, this stuff ain’t natural. From the humble beginnings of a mild in comparison plant, modified freak genetics have created Super Weed. A drug so powerful, you won’t remember what hit you.

The final prong is the lackadaisical attitude exhibited by young citizens, particularly Millennials. The general dumbing down of America has exaggerated the already debilitating effects of pot.

Offer a wise man a puff at a marijuana cigarette, and he should politely decline. Make the same offer to a deplorable, and his lack of faculties make him more inclined to hop on the gateway bandwagon. He may believe that the product is standard grade pot, but may in fact be one of the pot super strains. And with names like; Durban Poison, Green Crack, Chernobyl, Jack the Ripper, and MK Ultra, they aren’t exactly hiding it. My belief is that these unstable elements have all been combined into the type of concoction that has explosive disaster potential.

According to a 2003 survey, upwards of 50% of marijuana users reported experiencing a loss of motivation. Sorry Millennials, but your twenties are not the time for chilling out. There is a massive economy that is relying on your labor.

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Interestingly enough, pot has often been deemed “The Devil’s Lettuce”. And for good reason, as a large portion of the populace has become convinced that pot is no worse for your health than lettuce itself.

And what does science have to say on the subject? After scrubbing the halls of various libraries and descending the rabbit holes, I come bearing news. And folks, it ain’t all unicorns and rainbows. Because of its status as a schedule I Narcotic, the science is muddled and inconclusive. After more than 40 years of research, we still don’t know why marijuana is bad for you.

Let’s start with what we do know. It has been linked both to Schizophrenia, and reduced head circumference in children. That’s right, Schizophrenia and deformed heads. And that is only after dipping your big toe into the cesspool. While those are not things to scoff at, let’s explore the more general user.

The drug baffles doctors with its indiscriminate choice of victim. Users have been reported ranging in age from 3 to 100, male and female, and from every ethnicity and social class. In other words, no one is safe from the risk of becoming a user.

A majority of subjects have reported mild to severe problems relating to short term memory while under its influence. Preliminary research into Pot’s effect on a user’s ability to operate a motor vehicle have also shown alarming signs. While not yet able to demonstrate correlation between intoxication and increased collisions, research has shown the drug to slow a driver’s reflex.

This is where the combination of things becomes worrisome. Take an impaired individual, perhaps on a Super Weed, with dulled reflexes and a cellphone. Let me know how it works out.

On the topic of Super Weed, Pot from the 1960s hovered around 1% THC, while today’s version often ranges between 15 and over 20 percent THC. Pot farmers have systematically transformed pot from a natural psychoactive drug into something unrecognizable from its distant relative. And that is only the flower. New practices like dabbing, where THC is extracted using butane, allow the user to consume a “dab” that tests in the 60-90% THC range.

How did the drug’s potency sky rocket to what we see today? Back in the good old days, pot was mostly imported illegally from countries like Colombia,and consisted of the leaves, stems, and flowers ground up into product. Over time, domestic black market farmers optimized their growing process, and included only Sensimilla (the feminized flower). Other improvements to the process like cloning and hydroponic systems also contributed. Quite literally, this isn’t your grandpa’s pot. In a country with an obvious and growing drug problem, there is a new villain on the block.

Despite the well meaning efforts of countless policymakers and law enforcement officials, public opinion on the drug has disintegrated rapidly into acceptance. The Millennial generation has been impacted the hardest, making it hard for even the most steadfast of skeptics to deny.

The following industries have all been affected by Millennials; diamonds, paper napkins, cruises, department stores, real estate, movies, bars of soap, golf, and even the banking industry. That’s what happens when ambition dries up in lieu of recreational drug use. Combine pot use with cell phones, candy, being unemployed, and sleeping all day, and you have a basic picture of the Millennial plight.

How did we allow an entire generation to become casualties of pot? Besides the super weed, part of the blame lies in a society that glorifies drug use. Few industries seem immune to this mindless pandering, while the hip hop music industry is arguably the most flippant. Even our first black president casually mentioned that he was a former drug user.

The list of celebrities who are vocally supportive of the menace is too long to list. Here is a small version to illustrate the pervasive pot acceptance culture; Snoop Dogg, Tommy and Cheech Chong, Woody Harrelson, Former Governor Jesse Ventura, Michael Phelps, Joe Rogan, Oliver Stone, Rihanna, Bryan Cranston, Phil Jackson, Sarah Palin, Dave Chappelle, Jennifer Aniston, and even Ted Turner.

Proponents often tout the so called “medicinal effects” of marijuana. While I mostly disagree, and support the continued classification of marijuana as a schedule I narcotic, there is a small underlying thread of agreement to be found here. If there is a medical benefit to the drug, it may lie in the field of anesthesiology. I once had a roommate who smoked the substance out of a glass “bong” water pipe, and it had a similar effect to a horse tranquilizer. He would regularly lie totally motionless and unresponsive, often for hours at a time following consumption.

This is not an attempt to vilify the users individually, but it is worth noting that high status members of society carry a great deal of reach and influence over our youth. Can all of our country’s problems be traced to marijuana? Of course not. Are they correlated? I suggest that they are.

I said all of that to say this; It’s the marijuana!

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