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By Pastor Dillon

The spiritual battlefield is wrought with temptation. As Christians, we must remain hyper vigilant at all times, for Satan and his minions never rest, and will stop at nothing to see the whole of America destroyed. In order to conquer your enemy, you must get to know him, observe how he thinks, and learn his tricks. As a man of God, I’ve long studied the war strategy of the devil. This is Know Your Enemy – How to Spot a Satanist.

Satanists come in all shapes and colors. In fact, your neighbor could be a Satanist. There are certain tell tale signs, things to keep an eye out for if you suspect someone is demon possessed. First, their skin may be clammy, pale, and cold, depending on the length of time their soul has harbored demons. Their eyes may be sunken in, lifeless. They may favor black clothing, and prefer the sounds of rock n roll to easy listening. Keep in mind these are simply indicators of a Satanist, individuals likely won’t all carry each and every symptom.

The person may carry with them the stench of rotting eggs, even if the smell doesn’t appear to be emanating directly from them. Crows, rats, and cockroaches might fester around the infected individual. Their neck could show troubles supporting the head, and their eyes reflexively roll back into their skull at the sounds of the word “Jesus”, or “holy spirit”. If you spot someone with a myriad of these symptoms, splash them with holy water and move quickly to safety.

Other things to look for include sixes. If there are too many sixes, the dark energy of the devil himself is lurking around somewhere. In order to spot the sixes, you’ll need to be familiar with what Satan’s legion refers to as “numerology”. Numerology is black magick, and should not be practiced by followers of Christ.

To put numerology into simple terms for the sake of discernment, it is basic addition. Letters of the alphabet are assigned a numerical value, A equals 1 and Z equals 26. In numerology, the only numbers with value are 1-9. Take the letter K for example, the 11th letter of the alphabet. This is a 2 from the standpoint of numerology, as 1+1 equals 2.

Now for a practical example that may pry your eyes open to the ways of the devil. Where are the numerical sixes in the alphabet? They are as follows; F equals 6, O equals 15, which equals 6 as 1 plus 5 is six. X is 24, the final naturally occurring six in the English alphabet. Let’s take a look at two common examples of the mark of the beast (666) in contemporary culture; XXX, as in hardcore pornography, is claimed by Satan. 666. FOX is another acronym seized by the devil, as it clearly spells out 666 in demon numerology. I’m not necessarily suggesting Fox news is run by devil worshiping satanists, but where there is smoke, there’s often fire.

Check the potential male satanist for dried semen crusties around the crotch, as Satan calls upon his followers to be chronic masturbators. Common odes to Satan include the “rock and roll horns”, and Pentagram necklaces. In today’s brazen culture, the possessed are apt to don an inverted cross or pentagram tattoo.

As always brothers and sisters in Christ, remain vigilant in the face of evil. And remember, Satan’s best trick was convincing us he doesn’t even exist.

How to Spot a Satanist

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