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Athena Dawson | Live it Badass

Original Badass Models – Athena Dawson Edition

Here at Live It Badass, we know women are more than just babes in bikinis. We know they are fierce warriors with careers and hobbies. Unlike other sites, we don’t want to just showcase the Physical and the obvious. We want you to see that our Original Badass Models are extraordinary in every sense of the word.

Without further ado, this is the Original Badass Model Athena Dawson Edition.

Athena Dawson | Live it Badass

Athena Dawson Edition

  Athena by far is the most energetic and positive interview I have ever done. From the moment we asked to her to be a part of this she was nothing but positive. You meet people sometimes and you just know they are going to do big things. From her Greek goddess looks to her Greek Goddess name, she embodies everything you feel a woman with the name Athena would. She is devastatingly beautiful as if the old gods made her from the best pieces of the universe; small, commanding in her life, strong minded, and most of all she is sweet and kind.

Athena Dawson | Live it Badass

Greg – Athena, that is not a common name. What is your heritage?

Athena – I come from a Greek family. Born and raised in Boston.

Greg – Yeah I hear the accent a little

Athena – Everyone can!

Greg – Raised in Boston but you go to school in Florida?

Athena – Yeah, I go to UCF and I study Business and Nutrition.

Greg – That’s an interesting combo. How did that happen?

Athena – Well it started with just going to school for business and I added Nutrition later on.

Greg – That makes sense given your Instagram revolves around fitness. Were you always super in shape and into fitness?

Athena – Yes and no. I was always active and loved doing physical things. I grew up doing gymnastics, but my fitness and nutrition love started Freshman year of school. It started out as a time killer in between classes and nightlife. I was bored and needed something to do.. So I went to the gym and really got into it. Got into understanding the why and how you workout and then I decided to understand the Nutrition aspect as well.

Greg – Is there any specific diet you follow? I think I saw you dabbling with Keto.

Athena – Yeah, I currently do the Keto lifestyle. I’m not crazy with it. I still enjoy carbs and having drinks. You just have to do it the right way. My birthday is coming up. I need cake!

Greg – We all need cake! After school what are you wanting to do?

Athena – I want to travel and see the world. Honestly I would really love to do a mission trip to a place like Thailand.

Athena Dawson | Live it Badass

Athena and I spoke more about wanting to travel and try new foods as well as her desire to help people. It was at this time that I could really hear the passion she had and I knew for a fact that whatever she gets her hands on will turn to gold. Even her lightning round was gold

Athena Dawson | Live it Badass

Lightning Round – Athena Dawson Edition

Greg – Favorite food?

Athena – Easy Pizza if it is a cheat meal, otherwise Salmon or Stir-fry

Greg – Favorite Music?

Athena – I love Hip-hop and EDM. Both great to work out to.

Greg – Do you have a dream car?

Athena – I want a Lexus!

Greg – Cats or Dogs?

Athena – I am definitely more of a cat girl.

Greg – What is the worst date you have ever had?

Athena – Ooh, So… I went to Dinner and a movie with my boyfriend. I guess dinner did not sit well with me. I literally spent the entire movie in the bathroom throwing up!

Greg – oh no. Was there another date?

Athena – Yup, the puke did not scare him off.

Greg – Personality or looks?

Athena – I am more into personality than looks. We can work on your body. I like a fit man but if you can’t get along with people or have no sense of humor than I don’t want you. I also find determination very sexy and I admire a determined man.

Greg – What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Athena – Ok so this is kind of bad and a little dumb on my part but I’m pretty sure I was part of a crime. Early Freshman year I was out running errands and decided to get my nails done. As I am walking this guy in a really nice black Mercedes pulls up to me and starts cat calling me. He talked to me for a bit and asked me if I wanted a ride. I got in. This guy was clearly drunk. He seemed really nice and got my number. For the record I wasn’t into him like that but he was nice and clearly liked to have fun. After a day or two he texts me and says that he had a proposition for me. I was like ok. He then tells me that he has a Victoria Secret gift card that has $400.00 on it. The catch was I had to spend it all and I only had 30 minutes to do it. Challenge accepted!! So I meet up with him and I succeed. He didn’t even go in with me. I go out to where he was and he was gone. I try to text him and nothing. After that I went to return a few things. The card was not working and was showing up as an inactive card. I am positive he stole it and I got to keep all of the goods!!

 Athena Dawson | Live it Badass

Athena Dawson | Live it Badass


Athena Dawson | Live it Badass

Original Badass Model Athena Dawson Edition

For more Athena, follow her Instagram(s) at @Athena_fitnesss

Athena is an ambassador for @juggernautnutrition


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