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Here at LiveItBadAss we know women are more than just babes in bikinis. We know that they are fierce warriors with careers and hobbies. Unlike other sites, we don’t want to just showcase the Physical and the obvious. We want you to see that our Original Badass Models are extraordinary in every sense of the word. Without further a due we give you Leyla!

LillyBuggy | Live it Bad Ass

Leyla is a very unique woman. There wasn’t a lot of time between scheduling the interview and getting it done to have any nerves or anticipation. The lead up was quick and painless like a surgeons incision. What I did know about Leyla was she was a fun smiley Instagram model who does not give a rats ass what you think about her. She is body positive, she is a mother, she is the definition of fierce and sexy!!

LillyBuggy | Live it Bad Ass

Greg – So I really don’t know a lot about you. Let’s start with the simple stuff. What do you do for a living?

Leyla – I am a DOD Nurse for people with PTSD

Greg – Wow, I bet that can be intense…

Leyla – It has its moments but it’s very rewarding to help.

Greg- In the social media world, you are known for your modeling. When did you start?

Leyla – I got my start in 2012. Ive done a little bit of lingerie, swimsuit and normal fashion.

Greg – That sounds like fun.. Do you enjoy it

Leyla – Very much so. I also love showing a different body type and letting other women know you can be curvy and sexy

Greg – I couldn’t agree more. We love your style here at LiveItBadAss. When you aren’t helping others or on a photo shoot what do you like to do?

Leyla – I’m a normal 28 year old woman. I like a range of things like: fishing, hanging out with friends and dancing.

Greg – I’ve noticed a few dance parties on your snapchat with your kids.

Leyla –Yup.. Those are the best sessions!!

Greg – You seem very patriotic as well.

Leyla – Absolutely.. I was adopted at 9 days old from Israel. So I don’t take my life here for granted, plus I come from a military family. A big military family. I’m talking 8 brothers. 2 in the army and 6 are Marines.

Greg – Holy-shit.. I bet that made having a boyfriend hard!

Leyla – Yeah. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until I was 18. Boys were terrified of my brothers.

Greg – They all went to the military and you went to the medical field?

Leyla – Yeah, My dad had to have open heart surgery and ever since then I have wanted to help people. My ultimate dream is to be a heart surgeon.

LillyBuggy | Live it Bad Ass

Leyla proved to be one of the most humble women I have had the chance to interview to date. She was more polite and relatable than you can imagine and she has accidental sex appeal that if you aren’t careful could pull you in and have your heart melting. On to the lightning round!

LillyBuggy | Live it Bad Ass

Greg – What is your favorite food?

Leyla – Pizza, New York Style

Greg – Favorite Color?

Leyla – Blue

Greg – Favorite type of music?

Leyla – Im a country girl. I want my line dancing and Luke Brian

Greg – Who would play you in movie?

Leyla – Penolope Cruze

Greg – Yup .. I agree

Greg – Who is your favorite super hero?

Leyla – Superman

Greg – What is the craziest thing you have ever done.

Leyla – My brothers might read this, so… I went skydiving with my dad in our American Flag Swimsuits!

Greg – Murica !!!!!

Greg – Advice for people on tinder.

Leyla – Swipe right to everyone. Just to see who says yes!

Greg – what is your favorite planet?

Leyla – Pluto

Greg – Ha, I would have said Uranus!


LillyBuggy | Live it Bad Ass

For more Leyla, follow her on Instagram @Lillybuggy1944

Live it Bad Ass


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