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Madi Beavs | Live it Badass


Here at Live It Badass, we know women are more than just babes in bikinis. We know they are fierce warriors with careers and hobbies. Unlike other sites, we don’t want to just showcase the physical and obvious. We want you to see that our Original Badass Models are extraordinary in every sense of the word. Without further ado, we give you the Original Badass Models – Madi Beavs Edition!

Madi Beavs | Live it Badass

There was a lot of lead up to the interview with Madison, as she was one of the first models we asked to represent LIBA Nation. We started speaking before the Instagram launched, and she has been along for the ride ever since. Getting to know her was an absolute treat. Be careful gentlemen, this one will steal your heart and leave you with a smile. Naturally infectious and flirty… You’ve been warned!!

Madi Beavs | Live it Badass

Greg – You have a very youthful fun vibe about you. How old are you?

Madi – Of course you are, Im Awesome. Im 22 !

Greg – 22? So you are still in the college years.

Madi – Absolutely. I go to a small art school near Sarasota Florida. I spend my days doing art, playing with my cats, kicking ass in video games and living life!

Greg – Video games, that must make you popular with the guys.

Madi – They are happy until I take them out. I am a first person shooter expert! I’m used to playing with the boys though.

Greg – So were you a Tom boy growing up?

Madi – Yes and no. I grew up playing Ice Hockey on the boys squad. That made the girls hate me because I was with the guys they wanted to be with.

Greg – Are you still a hockey fan?

Madi – Go Bruins !!!

Greg – So playing with the boys led you to video games?

Madi – Yup, I got my start playing fantasy games. I think World of Warcraft started it all.

Greg – Art school ? What kind of art do you want to do?

Madi – I love to draw and I love video games. My ultimate goal is to work as a character and concept artist.

Greg – I can see that you are very confident.

Madi – I am, I mean .. Why wouldn’t I be? I’m a patriot and I live in the greatest country in the world. We are here to work our ass off. If you work your ass off you can do whatever you want and make money how you want!

Madi Beavs | Live it Badass

Madi Beavs Edition

Madi and I kept speaking about goals and school and she really started to show her personality. We spoke about parties and what she looks for in a man. As always we ended with the lightening round.

Greg – So your school is small, how does that effect the night life?

Madi – We have parties. We are a bunch of art majors. Alcohol, weed and fun are in our nature.

Greg – So if a guy wanted to win you over or seal the deal, how would he do that?

Madi – I like a complete alpha male. Take control, be assertive but not a douche. Basically go for it. If a guy wants to get in my pants, he needs to be protective. I like a man that can take care of things and that I will feel protected by.

Greg – Our readers will love to know this.

Madi – Hey Boys!!

Greg – So what is the cheesiest pick up line that worked on you?

Madi – OMG… It was one of my Hockey team mates. He slapped my ass and said good game… Yeah, I liked that!

Greg – There’s that alpha male

Madi – Yup!

Madi Beavs | Live it Badass

Lightning Round

Greg – Whats your favorite food?

Madi – Potatoes. I love all forms.

Greg – Favorite color?

Madi – Pink

Greg – Hollywood crush?

Madi – Post Malone

Greg – Favorite TV show

Madi – The Office

Greg – Favorite Power Ranger

Madi – You know I’m the Pink Ranger!

Greg – What’s your favorite Planet?

Madi – Earth

Greg – I would have said Uranus!

Madi – HAHAHAHA Boys!!!

Madi Beavs | Live it Badass

 For more of Madi Beavs, check out her Instagram @MadiBeavs

and check out her art @MadiBeaversArt

This has been the Original Badass Models Madi Beavs Edition,

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