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Original Badass Models – Mary Michael O’ Sullivan

Here at Live It BadAss, we know women are more than just babes in bikinis. We know they are fierce warriors with careers and hobbies. Unlike other sites, we don’t want to showcase only the physical and the obvious. We want you to see that our Original Badass Models are extraordinary in every sense of the word.

Without further ado we give you Mary Michael O’ Sullivan.


Before this interview I had no clue what to expect. I knew that Mary Michael O was straight out of a magazine with her razor sharp stare and amazing body. She is the definition of a woman crush everyday. Beautiful as the day is long. I knew she looked like heaven and had been an Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader. What I didn’t know was how much I would enjoy speaking to her and getting to know this humble and driven woman.


Mary Michael O'Sullivan | Live it Bad Ass

Greg – Let’s just start with where you are form

Mary – I was born in Virginia but moved to Atlanta when I was 10 and have been here ever since.

Greg – That explains how you ended up on the Atlanta Hawks Cheer squad.

Mary – Yes and no. I cheered since I was a kid and kept cheering. I love Cheer and dance so it was a natural fit for me.

Greg – Cheering at the professional level has to be intense. What is your greatest cheer moment with the Hawks?

Mary – I can’t give just one moment but I did get to go to Taiwan and cheer with the Hawks. That was such a great experience!

Greg – That’s so cool. When you do things like that, do you get to make friends with the players?

Mary – You would think so, but no. The NBA has a strict No Fraternization rule for the Cheerleaders. We aren’t allowed to associate or have any type of relationship with the players, which is crazy! At events you are cordial and will have common courtesy hellos and laughs together with fans but it stops there.

Greg – So Its kind of like parents in high school telling you what to do….

Mary – (Laughs) Kind of.

Greg – Life after the Hawks. What has that been like?

Mary – It has been fun. A lot of doors opened for me. I’ve been modeling a lot and have become liquor Rep. Life has been busy and fun.

Greg – Modeling seems like it suits you. What type of modeling are you doing?

Mary – Well … I’m going to be on the cover of Playboy in June..

(At this point my heart skipped a beat and I felt like a teenage boy. Nervous but oddly in the exact place I was supposed to be.)

Greg – Holy Shit… Did you say Playboy?

Mary – Yes , Yes I did.

Greg – Congratulations.

Mary – Thank you. It was so much fun.

(She was so calm about it all and not at all what you expect of a model of her caliber. Mary was a joy to speak with and so kind hearted. We moved on in the conversation talking about nudemodeling and non-nude. As we transitioned into the lightning round I felt like were just two friends catching up.)

Mary Michael O'Sullivan | Live it Bad Ass

Greg – As an alcohol rep, you have to have a go to Drink.

Mary – I’m a Tequila girl. Lime and Salt because I’m a lady!!

Greg – What is your dream job?

Mary – I would love to work in Broadcasting.

Greg – Favorite Color?

Mary – Pink.

Greg – Favorite Food?

Mary – Sushi.

Greg – Who would play you in a movie?

Mary – Have to be Jennifer Lawrence.

Greg – As a model, you influence young women. If you could give them one bit of advice, what would it be?

Mary – Don’t let the world affect you. Don’t let Social medie direct you, remember that Photoshop is real and that the girls in the magazines are just like you.

Greg – That’s a powerful message.

Mary – It’s an important message.

Greg – Ok Mary, What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Mary – (Laughs) I got a tattoo in a basement at age 15. Have shot Machine guns, posed for Playboy!! Do those work?

Greg – They sure do! So now the question all of our guys want to know, how do they get a date with you? Or what is it that you look for?

Mary – I like normal guys. Someone who is well rounded , in decent shape, have goals and be successful in what you do. The biggest factor is making me laugh .. Please be funny

Mary Michael O'Sullivan | Live it Bad Ass

For more Mary Michael, follow her on Instagram at @marymichael_ohh

Or check out Playboy Australia on Facebook, where Mary is the Playmate on the June 2018 cover.


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