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Thalia | Live it Bad Ass


Here at Live It Badass we know women are more than just babes in bikinis. We know that they are fierce warriors with careers and hobbies. Unlike other sites, we don’t want to just showcase the Physical and the obvious. We want you to see that our Original Badass Models are extraordinary in every sense of the word. Without further a due we give you Thalia!

Thalia | Live it Bad Ass


From the very first time we interacted with Thalia, I knew we just had to learn more about her. We reached out and she was very responsive. Looking at her pictures on Instagram, you could tell that she was a magnitude of energy in a little package. What you couldn’t tell was how all she wants to do is change the world for the better and set a positive example for women and young girls, making her the perfect candidate for the Original Badass Models.

Thalia | Live it Bad Ass

Greg – unlike a lot of the women on Instagram I notice most of your pics are not at the beach. Where are you located?

Thalia – I currently live in Virginia.

Greg – How do you like it?

Thalia – I actually love it. I like the weather.

Greg – The weather? I notice a Latina Accent. I assume you come from a warm place.

Thalia – Yes. I am originally from Puerto Rico. It snows here and I love the snow. We don’t get snow in Puerto Rico

Greg – I’ve seen snow all my life.. I prefer Puerto Rico !! ha-ha .. Your Instagram is dedicated to fitness. Were you always a healthy and fit person.

Thalia – Yes, I have always been active. I played Volleyball in high school and have always enjoyed working out.

Greg – Do you have a favorite workout?

Thalia – Glutes and back. I just love how I feel during and after the workout! They are my favorites.

Greg – Outside of the gym and setting fitness goals, is there anything else you want to do?

Thalia – I just want to be happy and be a good role model for women and young girls. I feel fitness is a good way to do that. My other dream is to open a firm with my boyfriend and build a nice business.

Greg – What kind of firm?

Thalia – My boyfriend is an architect and I am an interior designer. Together we can give clients a complete product from start to finish!

Thalia | Live it Bad Ass

Thalia was on a short time frame so we didn’t get through all of the lightening round questions. We did get to speak about Puerto Rico, Moving to the states and how she loves Instagram as a platform to spread positivity. Thalia said her main goal is to be a positive role model to young girls. She wants them to see that you can be strong, intelligent and beautiful inside and out, without taking off your clothes. I feel she will succeed in this. At 5’2 she is very sure of herself in a positive way!

Thalia | Live it Bad Ass

For more Thalia, follow her Instagram @fit.delmar

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