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Amerincan Honey | Live it Badass

Original Badass Models Amerincan Honey Edition

Here at Live It Badass, we know women are more than babes in bikinis. We know they are fierce warriors with careers and hobbies. Unlike other sites, we don’t want to simply showcase the Physical and obvious. We want you to see that our Original Badass Models are extraordinary in every sense of the word.

Without further ado, we give you Amerincan Honey!

Amerincan Honey | Live it Badass

Erin is a very special woman. She is beyond humble and kind. She has eyes that would have convinced The Dalai Lama to break his vows. The best part is she has no idea. When you speak to Erin you get a cocktail of confidence from her life experiences and what she has accomplished in improving her physical fitness, but you also get the girl that is so humble she thought her husband was out of her league. Not knowing that she is the Big Leagues and she is the one that people should strive to be with or around. She is soft spoken and gives the vibe that no matter what you were going through she could make you a Brookie and give you a hug and it would all go away.

Amerincan Honey | Live it Badass


Greg – Lets start with where you are from.

Erin – So, I was born in LA, Raised in Massachusetts and currently live in San Diego.

Greg – You’re very coastal. Is that by design?

Erin – Not really, it kind of just happened that way. You never know where I might end up next.

Greg – Well you are military, so that explains a lot of the moving. What branch are you?

Erin – That’s an interesting topic. Currently I am with the Air Force but I am waiting for The Air Force to sign my conditional release so I can join The Navy Reserves to become a Prior Service Recruiter for them.

 Greg – Well that’s exciting. Do you have a job outside of that?

Erin – I did, I literally just quit my job at a bakery. I love to cook and to bake but I worked with some older women that acted like they were in High School. I got tired of the drama and decided to let it go!

Greg – Working as a baker and being really fit don’t seem to go hand in hand.

Erin – No, not normally. I made it work though. It didn’t always work in my favor. I mostly blame my husband! Ha ha. He fed me all this yummy food and I gained weight. His way of keeping me all to himself!

Greg – So is that how you got into the fitness world and started your amazing transformation?

 Erin – Kind of. My husband isn’t really the reason I gained weight. I just like to tease. I went through a hard time and battled a few things in my life. Was put on some Meds and the next thing you know I was overweight. In December of 2017 I had enough. I said I didn’t need the meds to feel better and I got rid of them all. I dove into fitness and haven’t looked back since. What I found was I didn’t need the meds to be happy. Working out and working on myself gave me what I needed to overcome the demons of my life. I had only one goal. Lose the weight. Everything after that has been a bonus.

Greg – That is amazing to hear. I’m also happy to know that the husband is not the cause!

Erin – He still feeds me amazing food all the time. So we can continue to blame him!

Greg – How long have you been married? Did you know he was the one right away?

Erin – We have been married 5 years now. Hell no, our first date was terrible.

Greg – Now this we have to hear.

Erin – So it was a compilation of things. He started with using a cheesy line (he called me his Irish Rose). He was insanely drunk. At one point he needed to pee real badly. So he took his drunken self and peed on the side of a building and he wouldn’t stop playing the air guitar while listening to his Ipod! Clearly I like disasters because I married him! Honestly at first I didn’t even think I had a chance with my husband. I really thought he was out of my league.

Greg – Clearly you haven’t looked in the mirror lately or stared into your own eyes. You are the League. As far as that first date… well… Thank god he can cook.

Erin – It has saved him a few times!

Amerincan Honey | Live it Badass

We continued to speak about fitness and meals as we moved into the lightening round. We spoke a little about her goals in life and her love of tattoos.

Amerincan Honey | Live it Badass


Greg – Favorite Cheat meal?

Erin – A Brookie

Greg – Don’t cuss at me!! What is a Brookie?

Erin – Oh lord you have not lived until you have eaten a Brookie. It is a fudge brownie with a cookie mixed into it.

Greg –What is your favorite color?

Erin – Mint Green.

Greg – what is your guilty pleasure?

Erin – I love cheesy horror movies. They are the best!

Greg – Body art?

Erin – I have a lot of body art. I want to be covered. Full sleeves, leg pieces, a back piece. Everything covered except from the neck up. I don’t want tattoos on my face or neck.

Greg – Dream modeling Job?

Erin – I would love to do a tattoo magazine!

Amerincan Honey | Live it Badass

My overall encounter was with a very funny and kind hearted woman. At the end of our conversation I asked her if she had any advice for our readers. Her answer was simple and bold.

“Don’t ever listen to what society says you should be”

Amerincan Honey | Live it Badass

Original Badass models Amerincan Honey Edition

Amerincan Honey | Live it Badass

For more of Erin, check out her Instagram


Original Badass Models Amerincan Edition


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