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What is Live It Bad Ass?


Our Story:

The Live It Bad Ass Bar was established in 2018 by Jeremiah Meyerson as a way of combining both of his dreams into one. Owning a bar, and running a reputable news outlet. Booze and news.

Meet the Team

Jeremiah Meyerson

Owner & Manager

Jeremiah Meyerson is the world’s leading expert on the Millennial generation. He was married for 18 years before realizing his dream of getting a divorce, and opening The Live It Bad Ass Bar and Newsroom.


William "Chek" Walsh

Day Shift Bartender

William "Chek" Walsh is the Live it Bad Ass fantasy football expert. As a pee wee football coach, he's led the Newsport Fighting Chihuahuas to 12 championships. He claims to have coached Tom Brady as a child, and predicted Ryan Leaf would end as a bust after watching him play as an 8 year old boy.


Rod Mann

News Staff

Rod Mann was the first bartender hired at The Live it Bad Ass Bar, but left to pursue an espionage mission. Currently deep undercover in an undisclosed location, he is THE SOURCE for breaking news out of North Korea.

Chakra | Live it Bad Ass

Epochra chakra cartolle

Geronimo's Spirit Coach

Chakra is a psychic spirit coach, an avid aestral traveler, and a male feminist. He doesn't believe in gender, and his spirit animal is a teddy bear. He covers spirituality for Live it Bad Ass.


Code Name Dale

Assistant Manager

Code Name Dale is former military, and a retired intelligence officer. He is also the resident tour guide for a trip down the conspiracy rabbit hole.



Dish Washer

Geronimo is a washed up Millennial prize fighter, alcoholic, wannabe writer, and the nephew of Jeremiah Meyerson. As dish washer and editor, he is the one to blame for typos, grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and the generally flawed sentence structure of the writing.

Rando | Live it Bad Ass


Bartender / Barback

Rando is the adult film star formerly known as Randingo, and  often performs the windmill move when he blacks out from drinking. He is also a lover of dogs, and an ace behind the bar.


Dr. Gary Meyerson

Bar Doctor

Dr. Gary Meyerson performs drug tests and psychological evaluations on new Live It Bad Ass hires. He is the world's leading expert on Millennial health, and the brother of Jeremiah.

*Bachelor's of Health, South  Harmon Institute(2006)

*Doctorate of Health, Sacred Heart Medical College(2010)


Pat "Riot" Jones

Bar Manager

Pat “Riot” Jones was a stand out amateur boxer who transitioned into professional wrestling due to concerns over brain damage. Pat entertained crowds all over the United States as “The Patriot”, until massive concussion issues forced him into retirement. He is an avid fan of MMA and the WWE.




Greg is the Live It Bad Ass promoter, and a gifted gabber. He’s in charge of stocking the parking lot with sexy cars, and making sure the bar is filled with beautiful women.


Buddy Bush

Bar Back

Buddy Bush hasn’t cut his hair since the last time he had a job, and is somehow unavailable to work weekends despite part time hours and no other employment. A you-guessed-it Male-innial, who uses the title of “aspiring musician” to sneak his way into the pants of unwitting girls.

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