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Presidential Campaign for 2020, The People Take Back America

If you’re worried or weary, settle down America. Take a deep breath and a long look around. Things could be much worse, don’t feel pressured to hunker down into divisive viewpoints.

“We can’t be saved.” or “It’s only a matter of time.”

There’s more than 300,000,000 of us in the United States. Of course there are a few bad eggs, most of which can be salvaged. But we have to team back up, not against others but for each other. For the same reason we fell for the movie Braveheart, the power of wholehearted unity.

There are serious global problems, but we’re also killing it collectively on a level we’ve never seen before. Our problems are matters of strategy and discourse. We’re so against each other that we lack coordination and vision. Our blame falls on officials who can’t do it right because they don’t have any real help.

The government isn’t currently capable of doing much right. So we blame them because leaders always catch the blame. Leaders should always take the blame for any outcome, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be blamed.

They’re elected officials, and we are the people electing them. It’s supposedly our lead, so we can’t place the blame at their feet unless we’re giving them the power.

I’d argue it’s less the power they’re ultimately after than the prestige anyway. Being elected is the most important factor in regards to the job of a politician. Power is a nice perk, but we’re also social creatures. They’d ultimately rather be legitimately loved like John F. Kennedy.

If we blame them, we empower them. They resent us because we relegate ourselves to relentlessly power hungry bosses who search for grievances to throw in their face. The job of a politician requires they gain our trust but we will not give it to them. And we’re right. They’re awful at what they do, bought and paid for employees of a corporate system.

Because we allow it. The voter turnout is apathetic. No one cares. They know nobody wants to participate, so they have mastered public relations and run campaigns where they ignore the issues because we ignore them too. Government officials are only truly good at one thing, and that’s getting elected. Their only job is to find ways to get enough of us at the polls so they can win their job.

They’re disconnected from the lives of everyday Americans because they aren’t everyday Americans. That’s us, the people. Our job should be to show up in mass, and to be active and organized to the point where they’re scared of something other than not getting elected.

They need to know we’re watching, that we’re loud, vocal, and civilized. That we’re their bosses and they better damn well do their jobs. We have to reset the narrative, and make it so they occupy their positions from a place of service rather than being money hoarders who plunder what they can while they can. They work for corporations because we’re collectively too quiet, and because the corporations pay them well.

Is this how it is supposed to work? Of course not, but there’s no use in crying over spilt milk. Let’s deal with reality together, and reset the course ourselves.

There are certain problems that need dealt with in regards to election processes. One is transparency. While they may be terrible at governance for the people, they’re masters of governance for the corporations. It’s my personal opinion that the whole “corporations are protected by the first amendment thing” is fine, but it’s a massive mistake that they’re treated as individual citizens financially.

Giant corporations should have strict limits on how much they can contribute to campaigns because it’s disproportionate from what any individual citizen could contribute, creating an eventual conflict of interest if said campaign is successful. It also sways the results in favor of any politician willing to sign with a major record label, so to speak.

Corporations don’t vote you in, the people do. So you should have to rely on donations from the people, not corporations. Consider it a litmus test. If you can’t garner appropriate funds to run your campaign from the people, you’re in the wrong vocation. Or you simply aren’t the right person for the job you’re applying for.

The mainstream media is another problem. Journalism is long dead, and major news outlets closer resemble TMZ than legitimate journalism. Let this one minute clip of comedian Lee Camp prove this once and for all. And yes, the ending is poetic justice at its finest.

There are too many problems with news outlets to list in this article, but a few of them stand out. If it bleeds, it leads. In the same way that politicians work for corporations, the news works for numbers. But there’s been a shift in the way our populace consumes media. Long sick and tired of the predatory five minute ‘debate’ between talking heads, we’ve grown to prefer uncut long form interviews that allow guests to actually flush out their ideas instead of condensing them into pointless rhetoric and ideology to fit a segment. Americans don’t trust the news anymore, and the outlets seem ignorant or unwilling to change the structure of their programming.

Turn it off and pay it no mind, for the only seeds its plants grow into weeds. Pressure them to update their systems to modern standards, which would allow for actual discourse instead of commercials that only serve to divide us. Consume the media which does allow for this, because there are plenty of channels who understand the need for discourse over entertainment when it comes to serious issues.

If they won’t do it right, starve them and let the market come in for the final kill. We can’t let them pollute our heads with nonsense without consequences.

This article’s final suggestion is that we have to prioritize civility over party lines. Debate club rules ladies and gentlemen, we seriously need to cut back ad hominem and emotional biases. Keep calm, and hear each other out. It’s perfectly fine to disagree. Remember, debate is not a fist fight. It’s too polarized at the moment, where meme wars serve as the people’s version of running smear campaigns.

Instead of arguing, praise each other for being involved in the political process. This is Team America, and if we work together to the best of our ability, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that we could turn this ship around. And of course it will be messy, that’s the fun of being human.


Titties and beer

Fine art and red wine

Different strokes, valid as points of view

What is sin if all are dirty?

Hide from the rain

Or play in the mud together


There’s an election right around the corner, and the possibilities of what could happen are completely up in the air. Possibilities equal potential, and potential is worth hope. No idea who will survive the primaries, who will run, who will win, or who I’ll be voting for. But I hope for two things. One, that we have a record voter turnout and our citizenry become more involved than ever before in the political process. And two, that this campaign is less about the who or what, and goes down as the election where the people take back America.

The People Take Back America

Live it Badass

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