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Manifest Instantly | Live it Bad AssSpontaneous Enlightenment and How to Manifest Instantly

By Epochra ‘Chak-Ra’Cartolle

Want the superpower to manifest instantly? Read on!

In order to achieve spontaneous enlightenment, which is to say, to pull into perfect focus your perception of reality, very little is required. And it can happen right in this very instant. Think less about doing, and more about being. Of allowing yourself to ‘be’ in that enlightened space. So what is that space?

Enlightenment space is an attentive yet relaxed state of mindfulness, where there exists no longing for anything that is not. Chilling in the stride of flow, without a care in the world. A faithful knowing that all is well, and all abides.

All abides.

When breath is savored like a perfectly cooked piece of steak, which as a vegan, I gave up one year ago. Broccoli is my favorite vegetable, but I miss steak. Enlightenment space requires only that we not stray from the perception of higher self to lower self.

Higher self perception is seeing order in the midst of calamity, of releasing any and all energies that do not serve you. When craving gives way to reverence, and eternal gratefulness for your place in this wonderful creation.

Now that you understand how to embody the perception of your higher self and move into enlightenment space, let me explain how to control it. There will be times when focus strays, which is actually a positive. Imagination lives in a dimension of fantasy after all. However, if you are unable to harness enlightenment space, and feel driven to distraction, then ego’s unruly desires, and its oftentimes destructive, repetitive thought processes have retained control of your ship. You are once again a co-pilot, strapped in for the ride.

Enlightenment space is too squishy to be pinned down. In other words, you can’t control it because because it is like water. And you can’t control it because no matter how hard you look, you’ll find no you. In the same way you can’t grab smoke, or hold liquid in your pocket, you can’t own enlightenment. Unless perhaps, you are an ascended master.

Sustain it instead. Feed it proper foods, give it plenty of water, this ‘you vehicle’. Let it sleep when it needs rest. Read books that interest you, be around the people that make you come alive, create and nurture an environment of wellness. Clarity and focus want to be, choices dictate if you clear a space for them. Do the things you know you should be doing in order to achieve the life you want to live, and be ultimately forgiving of self when you feel you’ve failed to do some in some way. It’s fine, don’t go back to then, especially once you’ve identified the error, accepted its responsibility, and positively transmuted that negative energy with the energy of universal 1OVE. Come back to the now ride waterslide.

Okay, so what about the ability to manifest instantly? Now that you are standing in your truth and sustaining enlightenment space, it’s time to make things happen. But enlightenment isn’t necessarily the magic key to riches and orgies, unless that’s what you truly desire. Unfettered access to the desires of your higher self requires an intimate relationship and knowledge of the actually non existent self. You have to ask, really ask, what is it you want?

After spending ample time in meditation using this question as an object of concentration, you must set clear and powerful intentions in no uncertain terms. Throw away scarcity mentality, as this universe teems with abundance. Shoot for the stars, even if you miss you’ll crash into the moon, which may end in disaster  considering it is an unnatural satellite that is actually a spaceship/station that was brought here aeons ago, and is likely used to absorb, reflect, and deflect sunlight in order to manipulate the levels of energy that humans experience on the Heart (Earth) planet.

After setting firm intentions, create a path and walk it. Remain open to the possibility that the universe gently guides you in a different direction, she often will. The more time you spend walking your created path, the more energy accumulates in relation to your goal. This increases the probability of these potential timelines coming to fruition. It’s what eventually allows you to manifest instantly.

It is simply a matter of will, or time, before anything and everything you dream of becomes your sovereign created reality. And as the power of your will develops, so too will your ability to manifest instantly.

1OVE And Namas Day,



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