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Millennial Workout | Live it Bad AssTHE MILLENNIAL WORKOUT

There are plenty of studies on effective ways to get in shape. But the Millennial is too soft to make a decision and dedicate itself to something.

So I’ve made the choice for them. It’s a revolutionary workout, and suits the Millennial disposition perfectly. Imagine, getting to do absolutely nothing while your fat Millennial ass accomplishes something for the first time!

It’s called Hyperthermic Conditioning, and is lauded by Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

How has this not already caught on with Millennials? A workout “life hack” that’s as simple as doing fifty squats to increase heart rate, and then sitting in a sauna or hot bathtub for twenty minutes. Perhaps if we placed a Starbucks with a WiFi hot spot inside of saunas, Millennials might show up.

A workout is not the only benefit of Hyperthermic Conditioning.

It’s a well established fact that Millennials lack muscle mass and have a low tolerance for stress. Hence titles like; The Worst Generation, The Whiniest Generation, and the Entitled Ones.

Hyperthermic conditioning promotes adaptations in the body that increase endurance, capacity for stress tolerance, and the acquisition of muscle mass. It improves insulin sensitivity, which has the potential to help fat Millennials lose weight and feel the long forgotten sense of accomplishment .

Millennials don’t know how to specialize their concentration, how to focus and work their way through a curriculum that culminates in a Doctor’s level of understanding. That’s the best thing about Hyperthermic Conditioning. HC will make your natural Norepinephrine¬† go through the roof, aiding in the ability to concentrate, the biggest missing link in Millennial biology. This neurotransmitter, or mood chemical, helps create a brain state that allows for focus by upping short term attention span.

Don’t let the Millennial burn completely dead, that’s the easy way out. Make them do the Millennial workout.


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