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1. Houston Roughnecks (1-0):

To start off the first ever Parcelichick XFL Power Rankings, we have the team that truly looked the best during week one of the season. To start things off, the Roughnecks defense wrecked havoc on the Los Angeles squad and made it look like a practice. Registering 16 quarterback hits is huge and that just goes along with their five sacks and three takeaways. On offense, PJ Walker looked great throwing for four touchdowns and showing smart scrambling ability along with his ability and confidence to throw the ball down the field. James Butler was the fantasy surprise of the weekend, scoring a rushing and receiving touchdown in the first game of the season.

2. DC Defenders (1-0):

I will say the next three teams didn’t seem that far apart and a few of the 0-1 teams are on the same level. Of course, some of these teams were missing key players for week one of the XFL season so we will see where these teams truly land once the season progresses. DC is led by the ex-national champion, Cardale Jones. His completion percentage has improved, but he didn’t look any different during the game then when you saw him in the preseason of the NFL. He reminds me of Jamarcus Russell, but he likes football a little bit more quite clearly. They went 5 of 15 on third down conversions, but went 0 for 2 in the red zone. They only had 68 rush yards, but had three takeaways on defense making up for their lack of explosive offense. Other than Eli Rogers, no one really stood out receiving and scored on a trick play further rendering their offenses lack of explosion.

3. Saint Louis BattleHawks (1-0):

Saint Louis is not far off from DC and could easily beat DC in a game, but that is yet to be decided. The BattleHawks are led by Jordan Ta’amu who led a very efficient offense with both his arm and his legs. Maybe one of the more surprising guys of the start of the season is Ta’amu who ran for 77 yards to go along with his 74% completion rate. Their defense faired well during the game only giving up nine points to the Air Raid, but that is how Air Raid teams typically fair in their first year trying to implement it. Matt Jones paced the backfield and the league with 85 rushing yards while the presumed star Christine Michael had 8 touches for negative one yard. The team was 6 of 12 on third down conversions which is huge and 2 for 3 in the red zone. A perfectly balanced offense with 191 rush yards and 183 pass yards Saint Louis could become the best team in the league if their defense can create a few turnovers and pressure the quarterback some more.

4. Seattle Dragons (0-1):

The Dragons looked very good in the first half of their game against the Defenders, but ultimately fell apart in the second half. Brandon Silvers just didn’t seem to have what was needed to push this team above and beyond. They were able to convert 19 first downs, but were 4 of 15 on third downs and 1 for 3 in the red zone on the day. It didn’t help that they turned the ball over three times during the game and a pick six by Silvers at the end of the game sealed the loss. Austin Proehl, son of ex NFL receiver Ricky Proehl, was the true stand out on the Dragons roster gather 10 targets and bringing in five catches for 88 yards and 2 touchdowns. The running game was solid with a three back rotation of Trey Williams, Kenneth Farrow, and JaQuan Gardner, but they went away from it too early in the second half.

5. LA Wildcats (0-1):

The LA Wildcats are partially here because Josh Johnson is their usual quarterback, but was out with a lingering hamstring injury. They were able to put up 17 points with a back up quarterback and a terrible 3 for 15 3rd down conversion rate. They ran for 95 yards combined while only throwing for 196 yards, so the offense wasn’t exactly clicking. Chad Kanoff started at quarterback in this game and pretty much proved he’s a smart quarterback(went to Princeton), but lacks all other abilities that make you a professional quarterback. No arm strength and a lack of accuracy on what little strength he could muster wasn’t blowing anyone off the screen. Nelson Spruce paced the league with 11 catches for the game, but failed to find the end zone. The defense was able to defend ten pass attempts, but need to get more pressure on the quarterback as well as force more turnovers. The news of them firing their defensive coordinator after only one week is a bit concerning…

6. New York Guardians (1-0):

I am just going to start by saying I have been a Matt McGloin dissenter since I first noticed him at Penn State…It’s like watching me try to play professional football. I lack the size, arm strength, and athletic ability, but I am pretty accurate. That’s McGloin. This teams offense was atrocious rushing for 44 yards and only passing for 182. This team probably wouldn’t have won if their defense hadn’t forced three turnovers, 8 quarterback hits, and defending 8 passes. The Guardians went only 1 for 10 on third down conversion and didn’t look like a team deserving of a 1-0 record, but the team they played was the worst in the league. No one stood out as a bonafide star for this New York team and will pose a problem not only with the team, but their fan base as well.

7. Dallas Renegades (0-1):

The Renegades looked like a team trying to implement the Air Raid for the first year and sadly, for them, they didn’t have their guy running it. Landry Jones sat out the first game and the offense struggled mightly as Phillip Nelson tried to lead the team to a win. He was super efficient completing 79 % of his passes, but only averaged five yards per pass attempt. He wasn’t able to find the end zone, but did find the other team once during his first XFL start. The team only ran for 58 yards, but didn’t really try to even establish it. I get Hal Mumme likes to throw the ball a lot, but the science of actual football games shows that the best “Air Raid teams” were closer to being balanced than as unbalanced as he likes it. The defense didn’t play particularly well either which is, again, typical of an Air Raid team. We will see what Landry Jones can do with this team when he comes back, but after that first game it’s not looking like he will be able to do much.

8. Tampa Bay Vipers (0-1):

They may have the best jersey’s in the XFL, but that is about all of the bests they will have. Aaron Murray continues to prove that he is just not a game quarterback and can’t/wont ever be able to read a defense quick enough to be good. He reminds me of Mitchell Trubisky for this league. He just doesn’t make the cut. De’Veon Smith was able to establish the run, but Murray just wasn’t able to capitalize on his opportunities completing only 47% of his passes. A plus is that they were able to pick up 19 first downs and went 7 of 15 on third downs, but managed 0 for 4 in the red zone including all four in goal to go situations. The defense was quite terrible as well so don’t put the blame on just Murray, but wouldn’t have been in that big of trouble if not for the offenses turnover bug. They lost to Matt McGloin….

XFL Power Rankings

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